Luminous Baby Plan

maternity portraits in Galena, IL  How excited were you before there was even a BUMP?  It’s amazing how beautifully  your  body changes and how time flies while your sweet, sleepy newborn baby magically transforms into an independent minded toddler with unruly hair, chubby cheeks and a knack for tugging your heartstrings with every slobbery kiss.  I have the Luminous Baby Plan to capture this first year of growth and beyond.

The Luminous Baby Plan

  • 3 Studio Sessions (Value of $95 each session)

 Just $100.00 (Save $165.00)

  • Plus, receive 20% off each of your digital downloads.  Regular price: $285.00, your price: $228.00, plus tax.

Use your sessions any time before your child is 3 years old.

(Want more sessions? Add any additional studio sessions for just $25 Session Fee.)


Some FAQ’s about the Luminous Baby Plan

When do I use the 3 sessions?

You may use the sessions as you see fit.  My recommendation is to follow the developmental milestones.  Some good times are: Newborn (before 2 weeks of age), When your baby can lift her entire upper body off the ground in a belly laying position and support herself on her arms, When your baby can sit unsupported (without tipping over) and the first birthday.

How do I enroll in the Luminous Baby Plan?

Text  me at (608) 561-8540 so I can answer any questions and get to know you.  Pay your fee through an online invoice and you are all set.

Do you include a maternity session?

You may add a maternity session for just the additional $25 session fee.

Do you offer birth photography?

Yes!  I love photographing birth stories.  What an honor.  For a sample, please see Colin’s Birth Story.  Because I cannot schedule any weddings near your due date and will be on call 24/7, availability is limited.  Please email, or call me to discuss the details.

Can I buy a gift certificate for someone else to use?

Yes.  I can offer you a gift certificate presented in a keepsake frame to give as a gift when you purchase the Luminous Baby Plan.

baby plan gift certificates galena, il

Can I enroll in the baby plan if my baby is no longer a newborn?

You may enroll at any time for any baby under 3 years of age.

Where will sessions take place?

Your sessions may take place in your home or another location we decide on prior to the session.  We can shoot outdoors on inside- weather dependent 🙂

Can my other children be included in the session?

Sure.  Sibling portraits are treasured heirlooms.  Additional children are just $25 extra per child per session.

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