Boudoir Info

Your boudoir session is going to rock!  These tips will help make your experience is a great one and that your images look most fabulous.

On Nerves…

It’s completely normal to be a little freaked out about your session.  Realistically, you probably wear less when you go swimming, but there is something about taking center stage in your undies that makes a person get a little nervous.  Just like on the beach, bodies come in such variety.  Rest assured, I am a woman with just as many body issues myself as any of us, and I will work to make your session comfortable for you.

Here are some things that might help if you are nervous:

*Bring music that makes you feel sexy and confident.  I can play CDs or iPods.
*Bring a friend with you if you think it will make you feel less nervous.  Just one though, please.
*Try on all clothing beforehand and make sure you like how you look in it.  Pay special attention to any areas you are concerned about.
*By all means, don’t make yourself sick with any fad diets.  The real national average women’s pant size is 12, not 5.  Plus, I’m a whiz in Photoshop in case you need any skin smoothing :o)
*Get plenty of rest the night before.

On What to Wear…

Let’s face it, most of us do not wear lingerie very often.  Maybe we walk through Victoria’s Secret and consider it, but it can be daunting to wade through all the styles and parts and pieces to come up with something you like that looks flattering on your body.

WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING BEFORE YOUR SESSION to prevent lines and red marks.  Skip the undies and bra.

A few suggestions:
*Go all out.  A bra and panty set is something you wear everyday.  Instead, try on something you would love to wear, but think is a little too far fetched for you.  A corset maybe?  A wild color or patterned bra, panties and garter with thigh high stockings?  Cowboy boots and a bouquet of heritage roses and nothing else?  Have fun with it.
*Bring more than 2 outfits even if we will only be shooting 1.  We may run into a wardrobe malfunction, so you’ll need backups just in case.  Bring as many outfits as you can.
*Cut all tags out of your lingerie.  It can be seen through the fabric and cannot be Photoshopped out.
*Remove sticker tags from the bottoms of your shoes.
*Bring JEWELRY to coordinate with outfits.
*Bring PROPS.  Grab whatever you feel might be interesting and we can sift through and pick out what works for your look.

Some Ideas:

sexy jeans
short skirts
a tie and shirt
uniform pieces or tools from a career
bold colored sexy hat and shoes
a whip
feather or jeweled hair clips
fishnet stockings
mutiple strands of beads
musical instruments
swim wear
long, sexy jackets
sheer clothing

*Make sure it fits- no gaping breast cups, nothing too tight, etc.
*Locally, there are great places to shop such as Slumber in Galena.  There are also many online companies selling amazing corsets and other lingerie.  Please see the resource page on my website for links to those I have experience with.
*Make sure you will receive your lingerie in time to try it on and return for replacements if shopping online.
*Sexy shoes do not have chunky heels, or wedges.  Repeat that out loud for me 3 times.  Sexy shoes are spiky-heeled.  Trust me, they just photograph so much better.  Thigh high boots (with spikey heels) rock too.  Pay attention to the shoes and bring several pairs.

On Makeup…

*Your makeup (and hair) must be done before you arrive- absolutely no exceptions.
*You may want to have your makeup done professionally.  Check with your salon for more information.
*Wear your makeup in a way that makes you feel sexy.  This may mean it will be a little more dramatic than your normal night out on the town look.
*BLEND well.  Streaky makeup is hard to fix in Photoshop.
*EYES, eyes, EyEs.  Wear mascara- double coats if you have long lashes.  If your lashes are a little on the thinner or shorter side, try false lashes.  They even make some that are peel and stick. and can look very natural.  If you need assistance with them, I can help you.  I have applied many lashes in my days.
*Lips- wear lipstick and bring it with you.  Also bring gloss in case we need it.
*Pluck your eyebrows!  The time it takes to digitally pluck your eyebrows can be spent making your images look smashing in artistic ways instead.  Make sure there are no strays.
*Use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash a week beforehand to brighten up the smile.
*Bring your makeup (and hair products) with you for touch-ups.

On Hair, Nails, and Other Important Details…

*Go all out with your hair.  Curl it, tease it, wear an up-do- whatever makes you feel like a vixen.   Limp, barely styled locks just don’t cut it.  Make sure your hair is finished before you arrive.  You can quickly clip it up for a different look, but you will not be allowed to restyle it otherwise during your session.
*Paint your nails or go bare.  This includes your FEET.  Chipped polish and icky nails are not sexy.
*Make sure skin is soft, smooth and clean.
*Shave or wax as though you were going to wear a skimpy bikini at the beach: legs, underarms and bikini zone.  Do not have an all new experience with this- don’t wax for the first time or use Nair for the first time, etc.  You can’t be sure how your skin will react to this and a rash will not be photogenic.
*SPRAY TANS MUST be done 3 DAYS in ADVANCE of your session at a minimum.  You do not want to look carrot-like and I do not want my props to be discolored.  Also, I’m just going to say it- do the bend over and make sure to have all creases of your derriere sprayed because I cannot Photoshop out the lines left, ehem, behind 🙂

Hope you have as much fun preparing as we will at your session!

If you have any questions, ask 🙂