Hi, there,

I’d like to pass along a bit more information to help you get ready for your portraits.  Please note, you will be quizzed on all of this information during your session…okay, not really, but it IS super important that you read it 🙂

Engagement Portraits

Your Engagement Session may take an hour or longer.   Make sure to plan for the extra time if we need it.

I plan on having a fun time shooting your portraits.  If you have some interesting ideas, let me know beforehand.  I love doing crazy, new stuff!  I want to plan for it, so just run it by me.  I’m up for almost anything.

What to Wear

Stay away from prints. stripes, plaid, logos and loud patterns.  They can be very distracting.  Solids work best- layer colors and shades of colors or tones of colors for more variety without distraction.

Don’t be afraid to try bold, fun colors and accessories. Try wearing something you aren’t quite brave enough to wear in your day to day life (even costumes!) as well as something you feel comfortable and yourself in. We’ll always let you change outfits, so have fun with it.

Make sure clothing fits, is comfortable, is flattering, and is wrinkle free. If your clothes are not flattering to your shape, there is nothing Photoshop nor I can do to fix it.

Make sure to have the right shoes and accessories for each outfit including jewelry even if you don’t always wear it.  It adds a little bling and interest to your portraits.


Little (or big) artifacts from your life can make a portrait more original. We’ll use almost anything- pets, favorite foods, an umbrella, hats, a cool car, a vintage radio, bring it. Though we might not use all of the props you bring, it will be good to have the option in case we need that little something extra.

A Few Rules About Sessions

Do not bring your camera or other recording device or allow others to do so. It is distracting and will result in fewer images for you to choose from and simply isn’t allowed.

If you would like other people in the images with you, it will mean you’ll get fewer images of you alone due to the extra time it will take.  You MUST let me know in advance of any extra people you are thinking about being in your portraits with you.

You may restyle your hair quickly, but please do not plan on curling your hair or changing to any other more complex hairstyle in the middle of the session.

If there are skin issues which are severe, they may or may not be retouchable. Please run it by me and I can let you know what we can do to make sure people look their most flattering. If retouching is required, additional fees may apply.  Mpix.com offers basic retouching for a small fee.

Call to reschedule if you are ill. Your Creation Fee retainer will be credited to the new date. If you need to change the date more than once, a fee of $25.00 will be charged thereafter.

If it is very cloudy or if it rains, your session may need to be rescheduled. We will call you beforehand if this is the case.

In case you need to reschedule, please give us 48 hours notice.

A Final Word

I’m looking forward to working with you to create awesome portraits for you.

Do not hesitate to call, text or email me if you have any questions.

I’ll see you soon!