Please take a moment to complete the Pre-Session Questionnaire. Thank you in advance. The information provided will help me create portraits just right for your needs.

I’d also like to pass along a bit more information to help you get ready for your portraits. Please note, you will be quizzed on this information during your session…okay, not really, but it is super important that you read it 🙂

Family Portraits

Your Family Session may take an hour or longer, so please schedule time for it. Also, let ALL family members know they will need to set aside this time for the session.

During your family session, I will photograph the entire group together, and also each sub-group separately. I will also try to get individual shots of the children if they are cooperative (it’s hard to focus when you are 4 and have all your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents around :)).

Do not threaten your children either verbally or physically before or during the session. I know sessions with a group of children can feel a little hectic and can be frustrating, but trust that I have photographed many children and can work with them to get their cooperation, so you just relax and leave the child/adult negotiations to me. It seems to work best that way.

Please do pay attention to where your child is at all times. We don’t want any children running into streets or being endangered otherwise.

Do let me know of any physical limitations you or any other family member may have so I can make accommodations for them.

Please do let me know of any special requests BEFORE the session so I can be prepared for them.

Family Portrait Clothing

Remember those portraits from the 90’s with everyone in jeans and a white shirt? Well, we’re going to try to avoid that. They do look great, but your portraits are about your family, not about a matching outfit. Instead of matching, we’re going to focus on COORDINATING.

This can sound tricky, but here are some tips to help you pull it all together:

First of all, do not wear any prints. None. Zippo. No flowers, no plaid, NO STRIPES, no dots, no paisley, no logos. None of that. If even just one person wears a print, it is a major distraction in the portrait. Instead, wear solid colors. Solid colors work best. Wearing a mix of textures and shades adds depth, so that’s okay 🙂

Everyone should wear similar shades of color. If everyone is wearing shades of gray, for example and all choose dark shades, but cousin Victoria is wearing a pale gray, she will stick out like a sore thumb. Therefor, it is your best bet to not go too light or too dark when choosing the shade of your clothing.

Decide on a COLOR THEME together for the whole group. What is a color theme? It’s a specific look which ties the group together, yet allows for individuality. The sub-families look great alone and the whole group looks great together.

Here are some examples of Color Themes:

Jewel tones. One family can wear shades of rich royal blues, another shades of ruby, another shades of amber.

Shades of warm browns, reds, grays, off-whites…etc. Make sure there is plenty of variation in the shades (darkness or lightness of the colors) and textures so you still retain individual looks.

Casual Jeans and casual shirts in a specific color tone.

Warm, spicy tones for everyone (from reds, oranges, warm browns, etc.) or cool tones (blues, greens, cool browns, etc.). Dark cool colors or dark warm colors. Light cool colors or light warm colors.

If you need ideas, call me and I can help style your group.

Make sure to bring extra clothes that coordinate for little ones who may get dirty. Also, any shoes, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, etc. that you may need.

Props may be included. I love working with ideas for props. Call me and we can brainstorm about this.

A Few Rules About Sessions

Do not bring your camera or other recording device or allow others to do so. It is distracting and will result in fewer images for you to choose from and simply isn’t allowed.

If there are skin issues which are severe, they may or may not be retouchable. Please run it by me and I can let you know what we can do to make sure people look their most flattering. If retouching is required, additional fees may apply. offers basic retouching for a small fee.

Children tend to move and make unphotogenic faces. Usually group portraits with children tend to have one kid looking back, one crying, on pulling Susie’s hair…yeah, we’ve all been there, ha ha ha. I try very hard to get the attention of your children and to shoot when they are making pleasant expressions. However, most times in groups shots with several children, head swaps from picture to picture are necessary. Let me know if you are interested in including head swaps to ensure that everyone has a great expression. The price to include head swapping for a family session is 75.00 per image.

Call to reschedule if you are ill. Your Creation Fee retainer will be credited to the new date. If you need to change the date more than once, a fee of $25.00 will be charged thereafter.

If it is very cloudy or if it rains, your session may need to be rescheduled. I will call you beforehand if this is the case.

In case you need to reschedule, please give me 48 hours notice.

Final Word

I’m looking forward to working with your family to create awesome portraits you’ll treasure for many years and pass on to your children and their families. Please pass this information along to every responsible adult in your group so they will have the same information.

Do not hesitate to call, text or email me if you have any questions.

I’ll see you soon!