Maternity, Newborn, Baby

Hi, there!

Here is some information to help you get ready for your portraits.  I’ll include information for different kinds of portraits, so find the right section for your session type and make sure to read it thoroughly.   Please note, you will be quizzed on this information during your session…okay, not really, but it is super important that you read it 🙂


Please do let me know what you are considering wearing.  I like to create my sets to coordinate with your style.

Avoid prints, stripes, and plaid.  They are way too distracting.

I may be photographing you with clothing, or without. We can be as discreet as you prefer, but do know that I always make sure to photograph you in a flattering way and bare bellies are adorable, so be brave and bare yours :).  If you’d like to bare more then your belly, let me know.  A pregnant body is beautiful!  I can retouch most skin issues including stretch marks, cellulite and a little extra weight too, so don’t worry about that stuff.

Wear loose fitted clothing and do not wear a bra or underwear for 30 minutes prior to your session to avoid any red marks or indentations.

Do shave, make sure feet and hands look great and have your makeup and hair finished before your session.

Do not wear excessive makeup unless you have discussed this with me beforehand and it is part of the session styling.

Bring props if you’d like.  I may or may not use them.

Call me to discuss any ideas you might have.  I am open to almost anything and love a great artistic challenge.

Do ask about our Baby Plan!  You can save money on sessions and prints and get amazing portraits of your little one.


Prepare to spend about 2 hours at your session and dress light as the heat will need to be adjusted to suit an undressed newborn.

Rest assured, I have had much experience photographing very young babies.  I will spend a lot of time with your baby.  I will be touching, holding, rocking, patting and any other required baby wrangling as needed.  Sometimes, I may ask you to help, but most of the time, leave the baby handling up to me.  Babies have keen senses of smell and may become fussy if mom or dad steps in to help too much.  I will be washing my hands often and don’t worry, I have been doused by many babies and so have my backdrops.  For sanitary purposes, I do wash everything I use between sessions.

I will try to get some awake portraits and some sleeping portraits.  All babies have different needs, so there is no guarantee I will be able to photograph both.  I may spend up to an hour simply putting your baby into a deep sleep so I can pose without waking.

Do bring: feeding supplies, diapers, wipes, burp cloths and extra clothes for yourself and the baby.

Newborn Clothing

Clothing is not necessary for Newborns.  Diaper covers, special blankets, headbands & hats may be used and if you have some cute ones, please do bring them.

If you really want to use clothing for your newborn, EMAIL ME to discuss the outfit so I can plan the right backdrop for it.  Please stay away from printed fabrics, logos, stripes and plaid.  They are horribly distracting in a portrait.  Simple colors with or without texture and layering shades of a single color works best.

White and Black aren’t a good option.  White draws attention away from the face.  Try Ivory or Taupe instead.  Avoid dark colored clothing.

Make sure clothing FITS and is comfortable.  Do try it on your baby beforehand to make sure.  Trust me on this one.  Bib overall type clothing has a tendency to ride up over the baby’s chin and should be avoided.

Even if you are not opting for family portraits, you may end up in a few of the images. Please make sure to dress as you would want to be photographed.  Also, a neutral shade long sleeved shirt for yourself is a good idea: lighter colors work best with newborns.

Think about items you have which might be included in your photographs. A special blanket, a toy passed down to your child, a favorite teddy- all of these items are ones you might want to remember later in life and make for great props.

If you stumble upon something cool and think it might make for a great prop, feel free to have it on hand. Though we may not use it, it will be good to have the option in case we need that little something extra.


Babies come in all shapes, sizes and developmental speeds and I am quite familiar with your baby’s world.

I may spend 15 minutes photographing your baby’s portraits…or 2 hours.  It’s all up to your baby and your baby’s temperament.  As you know, babies rule the roost.

Don’t stand off to the side and clap, shout or make funny faces while I am shooting.  I know it’s hard to resist, but it will help if your baby is focusing on me and looking into the camera, not off to the side, so let me be the one to clap, shout and make funny faces.  Sometimes I do need help getting baby’s attention.  If so, I’ll let you know what I need you to do.  I may use a feather duster to tickle your baby’s face which is sanitized between sessions with alcohol and I may also ask if I can offer your baby a Cheerio or two for posing purposes.

Please don’t bring a group of people to your baby’s session.  I know it’s an exciting event and we are going to have lots of fun, but other people are very distracting and tend to wear your baby out quickly making for a fussy, cranky time.  One parent is enough.  Two parents are almost too many, but permitted.

I absolutely love props and themed sessions, so let me know if you have any ideas.

Baby Clothing

Call me to let me know what clothes you have in mind.  I must have this information so I can accurately design a set for your baby’s session.

I may photograph your baby without clothing.  Please let me know if you would prefer I didn’t.

Choose 2 different primary outfits for your baby’s session.  Choose outfits with different looks: casual and formal or whimsical and simple…it will help add variety to your session and portrait choices.

Have extra clothing on hand for the inevitable mess.  Make sure it’s also something you would like for portraits.

Make sure clothing fits and is comfortable.

Parents- even if you are not opting for family portraits, you may end up in a few of the images. Please make sure to dress as you would want to be photographed and be sure to coordinate with baby.

Think about items you have which might be included in your photographs. A special blanket, a toy passed down to your child, a favorite teddy- all of these items are ones you might want to remember later in life and make for great props so bring them.  I may or may not use them.

A Few Rules About Sessions

Do not bring your camera or other recording device or allow others to do so. It is distracting and will result in fewer images for you to choose from and simply isn’t allowed.

You may restyle hair quickly, but please do not plan on changing to any other more complex hairstyle in the middle of the session.

If your baby has a “boo-boo” it may or may not be retouchable.  Usually, it is.  Ask me beforehand.  Extra retouching fees may apply.

If your baby has baby acne, or some other rash, it may not be retouchable, so run it by me and I’ll let you know what we can do to make your baby’s skin look best.  If retouching is required, additional fees may apply. offers basic retouching for a small fee.

Call to reschedule if your baby is ill. Your Creation Fee retainer will be credited to the new date. If you need to change the date more than once, a fee of $25.00 will be charged thereafter.

If it is very cloudy or if it rains, your session may need to be rescheduled. We will call you beforehand if this is the case.

In case you need to reschedule, please give me at least 48 hours notice.

Final Word

I’m looking forward to working with you to create awesome portraits you’ll treasure for many years and pass on to your children and their families.

Please, do not hesitate to call, text or email me if you have any questions.

I’ll see you soon!