Preparing for Sessions

The following links will take you to important pages with information to help prepare you so your portraits will be fabulous.  PLEASE, TAKE THE TIME TO READ THEM.  Sorry- did that hurt your eye-ears?  Don’t mean to cyberyell, but I want to make sure your images are everything you are hoping for and that you do not miss any super important information regarding your session.

For Every Session, Please Take These 3 Steps:

1. Make sure to complete the Questionnaire.  It’s super, duper, crazy important that I have that.  Big time.  Huge.  Okay, did I stress how important it is enough for you? Ha ha ha. It shouldn’t take long to complete- it’s just a simple online form.

2. Read This Page:

Important Information About Your Session  PRINT THIS PAGE.

3. Read whichever applies to your session:

Maternity, Newborn & Baby Portrait Session Prep & Info

Family Portrait Prep & Info

Senior Prep & Info

Engagement Prep & Info

Boudoir Prep & Info


Note: Photographers, please respect that even my text on my site is my own intellectual property and may not be used by anyone without permission.  Thank you for your honest actions.